One-quarter of all women seeking an abortion were abused, new study finds

In a study published online on January 7 from a peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS Medicine, researchers concluded that intimate partner violence (IPV, sometimes known as domestic violence) is related with termination of pregnancy (TOP, otherwise knows as abortion). 74 studies were examined and provided evidence that these women experiencing intimate partner violence were three times as likely to conceal an abortion from their partner as women in nonviolent relationships. The studies indicate these women going through abortions welcome the opportunity to talk about their experiences of intimate partner violence and to get help.

LifeSiteNews writes that some post-abortive women have been coerced into abortion by people around them, such as parents, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Dr. Jacqueline C. Harvey of the Reproductive Research Audit (RRA) said that these findings reinforce the significant relationship between induced abortion and violence against women. It “suggests that for many women the choice to abort is not made freely, but from fear.”

The researchers of the study suggested “that termination services represent an appropriate setting in which to test interventions designed to reduce intimate partner violence.” However, there have been many cases of doctors failing to report abuse among their clients. An abortion clinic has been recently shut down as of January 1 in Indiana after failing to report abuse of minor girls. Even Arizona Dr. Brian Finkel was convicted of sexual abuse of women during abortion procedures back in 2003.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy analyst at Operation Rescue, told LifeSiteNews that “this kind of violence against women is an unfortunate consequence of abortion on demand. It ironically robs many abused women of their ‘choice’ to keep their babies, and perhaps that is why domestic violence against pregnant women seems to be a low priority for the ‘abortion-rights’ movement.”