One-quarter of all women seeking an abortion were abused, new study finds

In a study published online on January 7 from a peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS Medicine, researchers concluded that intimate partner violence (IPV, sometimes known as domestic violence) is related with termination of pregnancy (TOP, otherwise knows as abortion). 74 studies were examined and provided evidence that these women experiencing intimate partner violence were three times as likely to conceal an abortion from their partner as women in nonviolent relationships. The studies indicate these women going through abortions welcome the opportunity to talk about their experiences of intimate partner violence and to get help.

LifeSiteNews writes that some post-abortive women have been coerced into abortion by people around them, such as parents, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Dr. Jacqueline C. Harvey of the Reproductive Research Audit (RRA) said that these findings reinforce the significant relationship between induced abortion and violence against women. It “suggests that for many women the choice to abort is not made freely, but from fear.”

The researchers of the study suggested “that termination services represent an appropriate setting in which to test interventions designed to reduce intimate partner violence.” However, there have been many cases of doctors failing to report abuse among their clients. An abortion clinic has been recently shut down as of January 1 in Indiana after failing to report abuse of minor girls. Even Arizona Dr. Brian Finkel was convicted of sexual abuse of women during abortion procedures back in 2003.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy analyst at Operation Rescue, told LifeSiteNews that “this kind of violence against women is an unfortunate consequence of abortion on demand. It ironically robs many abused women of their ‘choice’ to keep their babies, and perhaps that is why domestic violence against pregnant women seems to be a low priority for the ‘abortion-rights’ movement.”


Pope Francis: Every unborn child bears the face of Christ; the first right of the human person is his life

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教宗向在場的天主教醫生談到醫療行業在目前所處的「矛盾局面」。教宗說,一方面,「由於科學家熱切而不懈地專注於研究新治療方法,我們看到醫學的進步」;另一方面,我們「也看到醫學有可能丟棄自己作為生命僕人的身份」。教宗還說,文化的迷失已經侵蝕到似乎難以侵蝕的醫療領域。 「雖然為生命服務是醫療人士的天職,但有時候他們卻被誘導而不尊重生命本身。」教宗引用本篤十六世教宗的《在真理中實踐愛德》通諭表示,「向生命開放是真正發展的中心」。



教宗最後說,天主教徒對當代文化「負有更大的責任」,他們應該促進當代文化「承認人類生命的超性層面,因為從它受孕之初,就有了天主創造工程的印記」。 「這是一項新福傳的工作,它常常需要你們逆流而上,以身作則。上主指望你們傳播『生命的福音』。」

Pope Francis on Friday received members of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations who are in Rome on the occasion of their 10th International Conference on Catholicism and Maternal Healthcare.

Following a greeting to conference participants, Pope Francis went on to address those gathered in three succinct points.

Firstly, he described what he called the paradoxical situation facing the medical profession today. On the one hand, the Pope said we see the progress of medicine, and those dedicated to the search for new cures.

But, on the other hand, he noted, there is the danger that a doctor might lose his identity as a servant of life. Pope Francis explained, that “if you lose the personal and social sensitivity towards the acceptance of a new life, then other forms of acceptance that are valuable for society also wither away.” He continued by saying that the acceptance of life strengthens moral fiber, before adding that the final objective of the doctor is always the defense and promotion of life.

In his second point, the Holy Father underlined that “the first right of the human person is his life”. He spoke of a “culture of waste”, which he said, now enslaves the hearts and minds of many. The cost of this, he continued, is the elimination of human beings, especially if they are physically or socially weaker. The Pope stressed that every child that is not born, but unjustly condemned to be aborted and very elderly person who is sick or at the end of his life bears the face of Christ.

The Pope also underlined the important role Gynecologists have which requires study, a conscience and humanity.

In his third and final point the Holy Father said the mandate of Catholic doctors is “to be witnesses and promoters of the “culture of life”. The Lord, he said is counting on you to spread the “Gospel of life.”

Pope Francis concluded his remarks by saying, “there is no human life more sacred than another, as there is no human life more significant than another. The credibility of a health care system is measured not only for its efficiency, but also for the attention and love towards people, whose life is always sacred.

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Pope: Spread the Gospel of life

Archbishop of Vancouver urges Catholics to join March for Life


除了在渥太華的遊行,很多省份都在同日舉辦遊行。在西岸的朋友可以考慮參加於維多利亞卑詩省議會前舉行的遊行。溫哥華總主教J. Michael Miller特別發出聲明鼓勵大家參加遊行。他說: 「我們可以把這訊息宣揚開去——孩子因為性別『出錯』而死去。我們會請卑詩省民面對現實,的確有女嬰由於性別關係而不能存活。」

他也提到另一項不被留意的事: 早前一些國會議員要求調查數百個在墮胎手術後生還嬰兒的死因


他的聲明以此作結: 「我邀請天主教徒和其他懷著善意的人讓更多人知道他們的看法,支持維護生命遊行,協助他們在投票前想清楚,並為我們的國家能締造『生命文化』祈禱。」


On Thursday, May 9, the 16th National March for Life will take place at Parliament Hill. The theme of this year’s march is sex-selective abortions. Even though Motion 408 cannot be debated in the Parliament, pro-life Canadians will use different ways to raise people’s awareness.

Besides the march at Ottawa, many provinces will also have marches for life on the same day. For those who are in the west coast, please consider joining the B.C. March for Life at B.C. Legislature in Victoria. Archbishop of Vancouver J. Michael Mill released a statement to encourage people to join the march. He said: “We will put a public face on the message that children are dying because they are of the “wrong” gender. We will ask British Columbians to face up to the reality of gendercide, of depriving an infant of life because she is a girl.”

He also mentioned another life issue that was hidden from public view: several MPs questioned about the death of hundreds of live babies following failed abortion attempts.

“On May 14, British Columbians will go to the polls to choose their leadership for the next four years. This occasion offers a unique opportunity to communicate with legislators and with candidates. Now, more than at any other time, we have the interest and attention of the media and politicians.”

He concluded by saying: “I invite Catholics and people of good will to make their views known, support the March for Life, form their conscience before voting, and pray that a “culture of life” will result in our nation.”

Those who are from Toronto can consider taking the bus organized by the Pro-Life Committee at Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church, for details please refer to page 2 of their parish bulletin.

明報週刊: 要不要生三個?







Pope’s Stations of the Cross ceremony includes prayer for promoters of abortion/euthanasia

Pope Francis led Stations of the Cross
Photo by: Br. Gustavo Kralj © Copyright



On Good Friday, Pope Francis led the Stations of the Cross at Colosseum. The reflections were written by three young people from Lebanon under the supervision of the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Béchara Boutros Rai. At the twelfth station, the death of Christ on the cross, the lector read the following prayer: “Today we pray that all who promote abortion will realize that love can only be a source of life. Let us recall also the defenders of euthanasia, and those who encourage techniques and procedures that endanger human life”. Pope Francis bowed his head in prayer.

Let us continue to pray for those who fail to see the value of human lives, may the Holy Spirit open their hearts so that they no longer ignore the fundamental right to life for all human beings (including those who are at the beginning or the end of their lives).

資料來源 Source: Pope’s Stations of the Cross ceremony includes prayer for promoters of abortion/euthanasia

印度產科醫生免收診金 協助打擊性別歧視 Indian doctor waives maternity fees for baby girls

在印度,濫殺女嬰的風氣一直盛行。一名產科醫生Ganesh Rakh眼見誕下女嬰的母親承受莫大壓力,而女孩亦在重男輕女的環境下飽遭歧視,自去年開始立下決心,若產婦誕下女嬰,他不會收取任何費用。



在加拿大,出於重男輕女而打掉女胎的情況亦有發生。有見及此,國會議員Mark Warawa提出M-408動議,要求國會譴責為進行性別選擇而終止懷孕。

It’s a girl! This doc will waive maternity fee

Female infanticide is common in India. Having witness the mental trauma of women who gave birth to baby girls, Dr. Ganesh Rakh decided to waive all maternity fees if the infant delivered is a girl.

“It is not just me who has witnessed how relatives thronging the hospital on D-day, hug each other when a boy is born…and disappear when a girl is born. Even other doctors see it everyday in maternity wards of hospitals. The tension on the pregnant woman for nine months is so severe and acute that you can actually see it in the fluctuations of her haemoglobin and blood pressure.” said Dr. Rakh.

Dr. Rakh’s silent efforts and persistence won over other doctors and soon they also decided to join hands with him. Nearly 3,000 doctors from the interiors of Maharashtra are with him fighting social biases and prejudices against girl child.

Meanwhile, the practice of aborting females in favour of males is happening in Canada. In response, MP Mark Warawa introduced Motion 408 which condemns discrimination against females via sex-selective pregnancy termination.

Read more:
It’s a girl! This doc will waive maternity fee

國會議員就納稅人支付墮胎費用進行民意調查 Pro-life MP running survey on tax funded abortion

國會議員Jeff Watson在他的網站進行民意調查,讓大眾就「墮胎費用應否由納稅人支付」表達意見。該調查有以下幾項選擇:

  • 我支持由納稅人支付,懷孕期間在任何時候、任何理由下都可進行的墮胎手術。
  • 我支持立法有限度管制墮胎,例如限制墮胎手術必須在懷孕首三個月進行。
  • 我支持在任何理由下都可墮胎,但費用不應由納稅人支付。
  • 我支持制定新政策,支援意外懷孕的女性把嬰兒誕下。
  • 我支持完全禁止墮胎。


MP Jeff Watson is running a survey in his website to see where Canadians stand on fully taxpayer-funded abortion as a “basic woman’s right”. The survey has the following options:

  • I support fully taxpayer-funded abortion, at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason at all;
  • I support some legal restrictions on access to abortion, for example restricting full access to abortion to the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • I support abortion for any reason but it shouldn’t be taxpayer-funded;
  • I support creative policy options and supports that help women with unexpected pregnancies keep the baby; or
  • I support a complete ban on abortion.

Please be a voice for the voiceless, go to to vote.

哈珀政府拒絕調查墮胎手術後生還嬰兒死因 Harper government opposes infanticide investigation in 491 babies case



Back in October, a pro-life blogger discovered from StatsCan’s database that 491 babies died after they were born alive during abortions between 2000 and 2009. Since these babies had fully proceeded from their mothers’ bodies in a living state, they were recognized as “persons” under Canada’s Criminal Code. Three Conservative MPs had written to RCMP to launch an investigation on these babies’ death. When questioned by an NDP MP, Prime Minister Harper said that abortion is legal in Canada and that the government has no plan to change the law in this regard.

What deserves our attention is that the 491 babies did not die from abortion. However, the NDP MP and mainstream media deliberately misstated the focus of the investigation to be “abortions performed after 19 weeks”, as oppose to the cause of deaths which was clearly not due to abortion. The line between abortion and infanticide has been blurred by inaccurate reports by the media. In fact, Canada had already seen a case where a woman served no jail time after strangling her newborn son.

閱讀國會議員發給皇家騎警的公函 Read the full text of the MPs’ letter to RCMP:,%202013%20-%20L%20-%20To%20RCMP%20commissioner%20to%20investigate%20born%20alive%20babies.pdf

網上聯署 為生命發聲
Two online petitions to sign for defending life

Anti-euthanasia Online Petition

防止安樂死聯盟數天前發起了名為Declaration of Hope的網上聯署,要求加拿大國會議員向安樂死及協助他人自殺說不。魁北克省目前正尋求安樂死合法化,我們促請所有維護生命的人藉參與Declaration of Hope聯署,向所有加拿大人重申安樂死的禍害。Campaign Life Coalition綜合了幾個早在十多年前已把安樂死合法化的國家,如何一步一步把施行安樂死的門檻再三放寬,請看以下短片。

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) has launched the Declaration of Hope. Join thousands of people by signing the Declaration of Hope to urge political leaders throughout to re-commit to a positive response to difficult human conditions and to not legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide. It is especially important to send this message at this time as Quebec is trying to legalize euthanasia. Campaign Life Coalition has produced a short film (see below) that illustrates the slippery slope in various countries once euthanasia is legalized.

Sign the Declaration of Hope here.

聯署支持Sun News TV Network
Online Petition to Support Sun News TV Network

Sun News TV network (SNN)是加拿大罕有讓維護生命人士發聲的電視台。該台現正向加拿大視訊委員會 (CRTC) 申請”mandatory carriage”牌照。若申請不獲接納,該台未必能繼續經營下去。請到CanadianTVFirst.ca參與聯署,促請CRTC接納SNN的申請。

In Canada’s pro-abortion-dominated, mainstream media, Sun News TV network (SNN) is a rare platform that provides positive coverage of life issues. The network has applied to CRTC for a “mandatory carriage” license. Such a license is crucial for the network to continue its operation. Please go to to sign the online petition to support SNN.

Toronto Life features young pro-life activist

多倫多一本主流雜誌Toronto Life於聖誕前刊登了一篇有關Lia Mills共六頁長的專訪。十六歲的Lia自四年前把一段反對墮胎的講話上載到YouTube後,引來很多人的注意,她的短片的點擊率已超過一百三十萬。Lia對維護生命充滿熱誠,即使受到恐嚇,甚至舉家要搬遷,她仍然繼續勇敢宣揚維護生命的訊息。

Toronto Life, a secular Toronto magazine, ran a 6-page story on Lia Mills just before Christmas. Lia, a 16-year-old, uploaded an anti-abortion speech to YouTube 4 years ago. Her video had drawn a lot of attention, and had received over 1.3 million views. Lia is very passionate about the pro-life cause despite threats from those who do not agree with her (her family even relocated), she continues to preach her pro-life message.

閱讀專訪全文 Read the original story:
Fetal Position: inside the world of Lia Mills, the 16-year-old leader of a new generation of anti-abortion activists

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